Container Movement

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Container Movement


20/40 ft. conventional open ended, domestic containers:

for myriad of cargo more for dry goods, break bulk cargo. Cargo loading and unloading can be done via its double door.If you need side access containers let us know.


20 ft/40 ft Refrigerated Containers:

Known as reefer, well equipped and insulated to carry temperature controlled cargo.


20 ft/ 40ft Flat Rack Platform Containers:

Open roof and sides to carry heavy and oversized goods exposed to outside conditions.


20 ft/ 40 ft Open Top Containers :

Well-crafted for heavy machinery, loaded from the top


20 ft Tank Containers:

A standard container to carry liquid of any kind with four latching points.

Our Features:

1. Integrated, intermodal and break bulk cargo container movement;

2. safe and timely transfer of packaged goods;

3. Our foster workforce has rich domain knowledge;

4. Loading and unloading with utmost care is done;

5. Pickup and delivery of cargo at customer’s doorstep;

6. Labors are under observation till the last point;

7. For the movement of conventional dry cargo, extra volumetric capacity, light but bulky cargo, movement of refrigerated/perishable cargo,

8. Self-owned containers;

9. Focus is lower transportation costs and improve the vehicle routing;

10. Starting from picking containers from anchor, transporting to customers site and put back unloaded, vacant container back to anchor;

11. For containers movement special features like plug points, portable clip for movements of trailer power packs for train movements etc.

12. Intermodal transfers in economically large units between chassis, road, rail and flatboat using a minimum of labor.

13. Containerized movement of good might be intermodal (freight movement from one mode of transportation to another) or trans modal (freight movement within same mode of transport);

14. Our annual throughput is around 1,50,0000 TEU;

Note: Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU), Forty-foot Equivalent Unit (FEU) Are you looking for speedy, economical, securecargo movement in your area or anywhere in India? Need not give a second thought. We are just a call away:

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